New SiteNotice from Google Webmaster Tools

Baweh Online Diary

Google webmaster tools release new feature for webmaster members "new message center notification for detecting and increase in crawl error". If you don't know what is google webmaster tools go here. How to use google webmaster tools for search engine optimisation and What's new from this feature?

When google robot (crawl) unable to reach our contents webmasters will sending SiteNotice messages when google webmaster detect a significant increase in the number of crawl errors. these notifications are meant to alert you of potential crawl-related issues and prvide a sample set of URLs for diagnosing and fixing them.

You'll only receive these notifications if you're verified your site in webmaster tools and it detect significant changes to the number of crawl errors google webmaster tools on your site. If you don't want to miss out on any these important messages, you can use teh email forwarding feature to receive these alerts in your box. Check originil post from webmaster tools google here