What is Tweet Button ?

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Twitter launch new feature named tweet button. You can share links, find out how many times an article dividede and clicked by internet user

New button tweet officially launched on 12-08-2010, but the site mashable first leaked. "we still do not know for certain details of this tweet button features. But we can give an ilustration, tweet button is designed as the most comprehensive counter to retweet and share it on twitter network", writes Mashable.

Mashable describe that tweet button is a single line of code that can be added to any website. later there will be three versions of the size of buttons or keys. Tweet button with five different setting that can be adjusted.

Based on test results, the code is in fact did work. But Mashable added, the real action retweeting an article link can not be done by most users.

Above what I can share about tweet button on baweh online diary and social networking guide.
This article taken from Mashable and Detikinet