The Channel of Facebook Live Video Streaming

Facebook Questions Application

The start of a live video streaming channel video strategy for facebook has came, what do you think ? The live video channel will be used for official facebook announcements, press events, live chats with facebook engineers, and live streaming of facebook developers conference, ect.

The facebook live channel will incorporate facebook's real time live feed technology to facilitate interactions between the viewing audience and the speaker. Facebook live streaming also offer a feature similar to CNN live's use to the right of the live video of a news event, It's also included an ask a question feature, which lets viewers submit their questions to a facebook moderator.

Not only that, users also can look back on facebook live reruns, copying links to other sites as well as adding features to live facebook profile to be able to access the service faster.

Later facebook will show the dialog, highlight new products and revealed an activity that is being crowded on facebook. Whereas in the past we now do so via video.

Unfortunately, the service is different with ustream live streaming or livestream service that allows users to create their own streaming video. But more to the public relations arm of facebook to promote the new features.

A facebook representative said that his company does not yet have plants to incorporate these features into the product live streaming content that can be enjoyed by an individual users.

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