Internet Explorer 9 Beta Attracts 20M Downloads

Baweh Online Diary Blog. Internet Explorer 9 Beta, has been downloaded over 20 million times in just three and a half months. The beta of internet explorer 9 0 beta was launched on September 15 2010.

Roger Capriotti, director of IE product marketing, said in the blog post that in addition to the beta, microsoft has released seven "platform previews" of the browser's underlying engines on which web developers can test their code. The last of these surprised browser observers by achieving the fastest results on a widely used industry benchmark, the web-kit open source project's Sunspider Javascript benchmark. Webkit is the browser page rendering engine used by apple's safari or google chrome.
Do you want to download internet explorer 9 beta ? You may go to official microsoft website and you can uninstall internet explorer 9 beta from Control Panel from start menu of your windows

Source : PC Mag