Free Top Search Engine Optimization Marketing Secrets

Free Top Search Engines Optimization Marketing Secrets
Before talking about top search engine optimization marketing secrets, let's we know what is search engine? search engine is a web design to search for information of datas on World Wide Web (WWW). A search engine work with these steps crawling, indexing, and search update of a site or a blog.
Online marketing-web search engine optimization marketing is search engines process to maximize the marketing of products or services. To view our site in the first search engine results, we must maximize support for our site optimization. In optimizing search engine results we would have to use organic search engine marketing so that our site is not considered spam by search engine robot as well so that our site does not disappear from search results.
Some things we must do to optimize our site on search engine results are:

The selection of right keywords. In selecting keywords, choose keywords that are not too much competition is also not too little competition for that keyword. Keywords that have a competition between 1000-10.000 is still relevant for use as keywords a site.
The use of meta tags that match the keyword site can also add value to the search results on search engines.
Do not use too much flash and images on the site, because the search engines can not recognize the flash or images on our site, even though the flash and images make our site beautiful or good. If you use images, optimize images with alt tags so that search engine robot read it.

Why you should maximize search engine optimization marketing?
Because marketing and search engine optimization is more effective than advertising, pay per click or other promotions methods. Using organic search engine marketing for our sites will last longer in search engine results. No less important that we do not deed to pay pay for advertising if our budget is a little and it is free search engine optimization

Nothing is more powerful than the top search engine optimization marketing secrets than always update any website or blog so that it increases the website keywords. Search engines robots are also pleased to blog or websites that are always apdated.