Introduction to Basic Marketing

Introduction to Basic Marketing
A basic understanding of marketing is the process of communication and sharing of informations which run continuously between the providers of products or services with those who need the products or services.
Institution or person that provides products or services is called the manufacturer and the parties who need the product or service is called the sonsumer.
In life known to know the basic needs, secondary needs, and tertiary needs. The main thing consumers needed of course the basic need fulfillment of basic needs of life example food, clothing and shelter.
Marketing Mix
Classical marketing mix consists of four things; Products, Price, Place/ distribution, and Promotion. These points is something we must understand when we do marketing job.
Marketing assimilation increases over time and the media were also increased among marketing via the internet which is known as online marketing or internet marketing.
Economists view that marketing is the use of the time or the right moment to provide the needs or services that are needed by society, so that it can meet the needs of consumers.