9 ways To Make Money With Facebook

9 Ways To Make Money with Facebook

Bawehonline.com. As a continuation of your guide to social networking online article so now I'll posting article 9 ways how to make money with facebook social networking website.

Facebook as the largest social networking sites, it is a place to make money and get a lot of money through facebook. We will not get money directly from facebook, but we use facebook to make money.

If you have been using facebook only to update your status and comment on your friends status. So now begin to monetize facebook. Then how do you make money through facebook?

How To Make Money With Facebook
Many ways that we can do to make money with facebook. there are nine ways to make money on facebook:
  1. Sell advertising space, which displays banner ads or through advertising networks like google adsense pay per click.
  2. sell products or services. Facebook application developers can sell their own products or services or sell products such as klickbank affiliate programs, amazon, ebay.
  3. Make money with facebook apps. Facebook developers can promote their applications and offer it to interested party such free facebook templates.
  4. As a freelance consultant facebook application. With the consultation that you do on facebook application course you will be earning from your service is't it?
  5. Writing and selling e-books on facebook. With the increasing of facebook users each day, it's your opportunity to write things related about facebook like what is facebook social networking sites? How to use facebook to make money? How to protect your facebook account ? and many things that you can write about facebook.
  6. Application Games. How do you earn money with facebook games applications ? When you play games, you socialize with gamers from around the world is not it? with the socializing, you can offer your products or services to the members that you follow the game. wise your offer. Or you make an application games, you can sell chips or value to player of games and you get revenue from sales.
  7. Make Facebook Groups. Not everyone has a lot of time to create a group on facebook. If you have a specific interest after your group grows and has many members, you can offer it to those who are interested in your group.
  8. Offers CPC. CPC or Cost Per Action sometimes known as Pay Per Action or (PPA). You can offer your friends that you follow the CPA sites and you will get paid when your friends buy products or services from websites that you have to offer.
  9. Facebook fan pages or facebook blog. With having the fan pages that have many members, it is easy for you to offer products or services in order to make money from facebook is not it ?
That was nine things about how to make money through facebook. If there are other ways to make money with facebook social networking website you can add opportunities on the comments. Thank you.