Free Facebook Tools

Facebook Update Tool we talk about 9 ways how to make money with facebook, now we inform free facebook softwares.
  1. Facebook photo uploader tool software or Adobe uploader for facebook is an application that runs on your desktop or computer. What you need is log in to your facebook account, then read your news feed and publish or update your status to your wall and friends news feed. before you can use adobe uploader for facebook you need to install Adobe AIR. You can download it from Social Networking Guide or Here
  2. Facebook Chat Tool. It is an application that allow you to stay logged into facebook chat on your computer.
  3. Free Facebook Toolbar. Get free facebook toolbar add-on mozilla, it is give you integrate your life into your browser. Facebook search tool toolbar allow you to search facebook from anywhere. Get Notified. Icons on the toolbar tell you how many message you have, friends requests, Notifications ect. Connect with friends, you can sort your friends by name or status and easily interact with them and their profiles. Share Content, lets you find photos on your computer, caption and tag them, and upload them to facebook
  4. Facebook Earth Application. It is uses WPF, virtual earth, facebook developer toolkit and yahoo map service in order to place your facebook friends on a map. Here are some key features of facebook earth: Friends on map, Meeting point with routing information, notifications with driving directions to each friend. You need NET Framework and facebook account to use facebook earth.
  5. Free Unblock Facebook Proxy. To use free proxy facebook you just need to run the software and unblock facebook proxy software will let you surf the site as you normally would with an internet browser. This tool is fast without any adware or spyware.
  6. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto. It is free online tool to make facebook profile picture that enables you to make free facebook images and export photos directly to your facebook account. here
  7. Boost for facebook. Boost for Facebook lets you to costomize your facebook experience with more than 300 facebook skins. Baweh Online Diary Or Here
Above are what I know. If there another free facebook tools tell me please and I will update on this post.