Loquila.com To Launch A Service That Connects People And Places Locally To Facilitate Local News And Dating

People can follow places, see what's happening around them and make new friends in the process. Loquila.com provides an interaction technology to make new friends on internet.
New Online social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are great to stay in touch with old friends, family and celebrities but they do not help in connecting with new people. They are more about managing relationships that building a new technology that will help people build relationships on the Internet and get connected with like minded people in the city for fun and work.
Once a user enters the site, they can add places, follow places and see what;s happening there in the local news. Users can also see other followers of the place and interact with them on the website with clicks and messages. They can also share the place with their friends on social networks to let them follow the places that matter for them.
Every action in human behavior has a best set of reactions. e.g. if someone smiles, responses can be smiling back, saying Hi or talking. Loquila technology suggests those responses to the users go well for successful relationship building between the users of the website.
Loquila.com can be a useful service for travelers. After changing the city, one can see what are popular places, see the pictures of those places and connect with other travelers or locals following those places. This information can help decide what are the best things to do in the city.
Local news is really useful because it effects the user directly. Basically, loquila.com helps people to stay informed about all the places they're following. The website also facilitates local news creation by citizens. Everyone can be a reporter and report news at different places. People can vote the news and read the news highly voted by other people. Rating of the news by citizens helps reporters learn about the quality of their news and helps other readers read what is most popular in the city.
Website is ready to launch and under testing phase. Limited set of users are already using the service. Readers who are interested in trying this service out can visit http://www.loquila.com and request a beta invitation to get early access.
PRWeb press release about new social networking sites like facebook can be found : http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb2011/5/prweb8457549.htm