Social Network Sites and Small Business Opportunities

Social networking online or social marketing is booming in small business and for the entrepreneurial.Blogs are covering multiple genres from personal blogs, business blog and marketing blogs. Technology is a new tool for personal contact and business. Now is the time for small business owners to explore and expand their business on the social network sites.
The development od Web 2.0 tools allows for the extention beyond basic email, and chat with tools like yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Google talks, and skype that allow for interactivity, instant connection in virtual worlds where business is the key ingredient.
If we go to we saw that A social network ia "social structure made of groups that are tied by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as values, vision, ideas, financial exchange, friendship, kinships, dislikes, conflict or trade". A social networks provide a platform to expand a presence and create a place digitally.
Social network sites are tools to show what you are selling or the service you are providing. There is nompromise when it comes to the importance of content on social network sites, Do you have seen that content is king of site.
The Nielsen Company, showed through studies consumers spent about five and half hours on social network sites ranging from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This is an 82% increase from past 3 years when users were spending just over three hours on social network sites. Looking at the globalization of social networks and blogs they are the most pupular online categories followed by online games and instant messaging.
The success stories of small business can be found for many business like E3 Business Group headed by Antony Butler. In just over two years E3 Business Group has over 70 business members and partnerships with 100 Black Men of Jacksonville, the Harlem Globetrotters, Taco Bell Foundation, and boys and Girls Club of America just to name a few. E3 Business Group focus on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging. Journey Into Womanhood-Empowermentresources, is a rites of passage program for girls age from 9-17, that focuses on their healthy transition from girl to young woman. The vision of Elexia Coleman-Moss, Founder and Executive Director, using a web presence, Twitter, Facebook and blogging to share the contributions that this wonderful program provides to the community.