Wordspreadz Launches The Intelligent Social Network

Wordspreadz launches the intelligent social network site, the inclusive social network raises the bar to promote intelligent dialogue.
 Wordspreadz is a new inclusive social networking site that brings a compelling new approach to social networking with the objective of facilitating discussion on globally relevant topics and enhancing the caliber and depth of interaction among its members.
To pique interest, wordspreadz asks users to express their thoughtfully developed positions, offer relevant details and post pictures and videos relating to a range of continually expanding open-ended questions. Topics range from complex issues such as whether to add a new amendment to the United States Constitution of the status of a particular nation's political unrest to less controversial topics such as what was the worst vacation they ever had and what bands they would want to see in a small club.
"Until now, social networking sites content has largely focused on brief exchanges of opinions or simple conversations between family and friends", said Simon King, co-founder and CEO of wordspeadz.
"Although existing social networks certainly provide a highly valid venue for this type of communication, we built wordspreadz to serve as a forum for people wishing to heighten their level of involvement in discussions about global news and compelling topics of the day," said King.
Another unique facet of Wordpreadz is the ability to browse and learn prior to committing to official membership. While other social networks demand full registration in order to simply become acquainted with the site, wordspreadz encourages visitors to test drive its site without requiring registration. Only once a visitor decides to participate in or comment upon a discussion is the free wordspreadz registration required.
"From day one we decided to tuild a social platform that allowed everyone to browse the entire site without registration," said Andy Neville, the company's co-founder and CTO.
As personal privacy becomes an increasingly significant concern among members of social networks, wordspreads assures users their privacy is of utmost importance and will not be compromised.
"Once a visitor becomes a registered user, wordspreadz limits the amount of personal information a user can provide in an effort to maintain their privacy," Neville said. "We encourage users to review our privacy policy at:  www.wordspreadz.com/privacy.
Wordspreadz is a privately held company, with headquarters in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Wordspreadz is the trademark of wordspreadz, inc.
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