Deals On Facebook Program

Yesterday Baweh Online share about Quora social network site. Now I want to share about Facebook Daily Deals Program
The daily deals field just got a little more crowded. On Tuesday, Facebook social networking site launched its own localized deals in five cities. Rumors of Facebook's challenge to Groupon started circulating last month. The new product, called Deals on Facebook , is different from check in offers, the service Facebook launched in November that rewards mobile users with discounts when they check in at different locations via the facebook apps. Initially, Deals on Facebook are available in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, and San Diego, but the service will likely expand to more cities in the future.

"While many Deals on Facebook offer discounts, it's more important to us that you find interesting experiences around you to do with friends," Emily White, Facebook's director of "local", Say "we've worked with partners and local businesses to help deliver the best social activities in your area. And once you've found a deal you like, having the deal on Facebook makes it easy to share, buy, and plan with your friends".

Some of the first offers are a pair of tickets to a Wiz Khalifa Concert, regularly priced at $82 for $38; a tango dance lesson that usually costs $15 for $9; a Napa wine-tasting trip that's worth $800 for $375, and many offer

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