A New Social Network Site For Travellers From Russia

The Company Primoco Limited, the publisher of the lifestyle portal on travel and tourism called RussianTravveler.ru, has officially launched it's social networking site for travellers. It's name TVOYREIS.RU.

 TVOYREIS is a Russian social network site for all the travelers who want to share their experience during their trip with their family and friends. The service is arranged free of charge and provides the travellers with an opportunity to share their experience, photo or video shots right on their trip an a simple and entertaining way.

How to pack your family in your bag ? the service of tvoyreis covers all the needs of a traveller from the initial idea about the trip to the arrival home. They can use online route planner, automatic geolocation directly directly on the way, easy content management of traveler's diary as well as the contact with other travellers of friends and family.

The traveler's social network tvoyreis is a part of the international network OnTheRoad.to. The advantage of the project is a viral promotion by users, the friends invitations and usage of groups. TVOYREIS is one of the most complex services of it's type available on the market and it boasts with a dynamic growth of user amount. The motto says it all : Travel around the world and let the world travel with you

That's my social networking guide info. See the source at TVOYREIS