Five Dynamic Views For Blogger

When open my blogger onBaweh Online Diary Blog I get notification that now, owner blogger can add five dynamic readers on their blogs.

The five dynamics views for readers are : Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, Timeslide.
  1. Flipcard : With flipcard views you can see the post title and comment count. As you scroll down additional post will continue to load. Click in a card to see full post. You can navigate through the posts using J to see older post or K to see newer post and hit Escape to the Flipcard view. In the upper left, click to sort by Date, Author and Category.
  2. Mosaic : If you are clicking on an individual tile, it will expand that post to the full width of the view. If you are clicking again it will back to original position. Once a tile is expanded, you can page down by using "up" and "down" arrow keys as well as J and K for Flipcard.
  3.  Sidebar : Blogger Sidebar view optimized for quick reading and browsing. you see chronological posts, comment counts and thumbnails for individual posts in the left sidebar. and J and K arrow keys will navigate through the posts and comments can be displayed on the same page by clicking the show link.
  4. Snapshot : Snapshot view will display only the posts which have images. Click through any photo to display the full post page and mousing over any will display a post snippet.
  5. Timeslide : Blogger timeslide view allow you to break your blog into three different are : Left Coloum will enlarged picture with a post snippet, title, and snippet displayed in chronological order. Middle Coloum contain post title and snippet and Right Coloum will display just the individual post titles. If you use Blogger timeslide view, your search result will be highlighted.
All these five dynamic views require modern browsers such internet explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, Chrome, Opera, Safari.

Source : Blogger